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About the project

This project is about building the management and awareness capacities of players directly involved in offshore oil and gas activities in Mauritania, Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leone and Senegal. Indeed, the complexity of the sector demands that relevant stakeholders (national and regional administrative bodies, NGOs, researchers, parliamentarians’ networks, etc.) are equipped with the tools necessary for them to participate in the development and supervision of the sector. Awareness-raising will help take action upstream and engage discussions. The project comes under a MAVA-financed global action plan on the improved management of environmental risks associated with offshore oil and gas exploitation in West Africa.


Map out players involved in offshore oil and gas activities in West Africa

Increase information for and awareness of oil players on related environmental and socio-economic issues

Enhance existing training programmes

Organise ongoing training sessions in the relevant countries for the benefit of professionals, high officials of national administrations and civil society organisations involved in the sector

Develop and post online a MOOC on the environmental management of hydrocarbons

Strengthen coalitions of players in the 4 relevant countries


  • National NGOs

    REPAO (Senegal), Tiniguena (Guinea Bissau), BiodiverCités (Mauritania), to provide facilitation services to national coalitions and act as community watchdog bodies for offshore hydrocarbon activities in the countries concerned

  • University of Dakar, University of Saint-Louis and University of Nouakchott

    In charge of implementing activities for enhanced learning curriculum.

Latest news

Aug 25
blog 1

Hydrocarbures : les experts appellent à une meilleure coopération entre les producteurs africains

L’Organisation des producteurs de pétrole africains (Appo) entend encourager la construction des pipelines pour ravitailler les pays enclavés, le partenariat entre les sociétés de sous-traitance. 

Jul 24
blog 1

The 10th edition of the Regional Coastal and Marine Forum is afoot!

The 10th edition of the Regional Coastal and Marine Forum will be held from 25 to 28 March 2020 in Guinea Bissau under the theme “Ocean Health, a challenge for the sustainable development of West African coastal countries" 

Jun 12
blog 1

Oil and gas exploitation: an expert advocates a middle ground policy for the conservation of marine environments

In an interview he gave to the press, Ahmed Senhoury, Director of the PRCM, identifies a number of avenues for coastal and marine conservation

Mar 20
blog 1

Grand Tortue Ahmeyim gas deposit: cooperation agreement with Senegal passed by Mauritania MPs

On 22 January, the National Assembly of Mauritania passed a bill opening the way to the ratification of the bilateral agreement signed with Senegal in February 2018 on the development of the gas field located at the sea border shared by both countries. 

Mar 20
blog 1

Senegal: consultative workshop on reducing the impact of infrastructures on coastal ecosystems

A workshop on “Reducing the impact of infrastructures on coastal ecosystems: issues and challenges for Senegal” was organized 4-6 December 2018 in Somone and Toubab Dialaw, Senegal by GAIA (Action and Initiative Group for an alternative development) and APPEL

Mar 20
blog 1

Launch of the Mauritanian platform on oil and gas activities management

A platform of Mauritanian stakeholders involved in the management of offshore oil and gas activities was created on 7 December 2018 following an experience sharing and consultation workshop organized by the Ministry of Environment, with the support of BIODIVERCITES and the collaboration of the PRCM and GIZ. 

Mar 20
blog 1

Sahel debate on the environmental impact of mining industries

The President of BiodiverCités, Ms. Maïmouna Saleck, and the Director of environmental control at the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Mr. Cheikh Tourad Ould Mohamed Saadbouh, will be my guests this week at a Sahel debate on the environmental benefits of gas, mine and oil production in Mauritania.

Oct 01
blog 1

Oil and gas exploitation: challenges of mitigating consequences on the environment explained to MPs

The awareness of Senegal’s Members of Parliament was raised about the need to lessen environmental and socioeconomic risks entailed by offshore oil

Oct 01
blog 1

L'Or noir du Sénégal: what you need to know about the oil industry

Fary Ndao is an expert in geology who has recently published L’Or noir du Sénégal, an educational handbook that sheds light on the oil industry



Feb 09

Petróleo e Gás Offshore na Ecorregião Marinha da África Ocidental - Episódio 1

Feb 09

Offshore oil and gas in the West African Marine Ecoregion - Episode 1

Feb 09

Du gaz et du pétrole offshore dans l’écorégion marine ouest africaine - Episode 1


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