Grand Tortue Ahmeyim gas deposit: cooperation agreement with Senegal passed by Mauritania MPs

On 22 January, the National Assembly of Mauritania passed a bill opening the way to the ratification of the bilateral agreement signed with Senegal in February 2018 on the development of the gas field located at the sea border shared by both countries. It was during a plenary session that Mauritanian MPs passed this bill with a view to the ratification of the cooperation agreement on the development and exploitation of the reserves of the Grand Tortue Ahmeyim (GTA) field, signed in Nouakchott on 9 February 2018 between the Islamic Republic of Mauritania and the Republic of Senegal. The cooperation agreement provides a legal framework for oil activities in the Tortue Ahmeyim area and comprises 50 articles that establish the general principles governing oil activities, such as contracting parties’ rights and obligations, a common definition of the field’s reserves, and production allocation schemes, as well as related charges and the tax regime applicable to the contracting parties.

Grand Tortue Ahmeyim is a project is run by a joint venture involving British Petroleum (BP), as the operator, Kosmos Engergy (American-owned), the Mauritania Hydrocarbon and Road Assets Society (SMHPM), and the Senegal National Petroleum Society (PETROSEN). The final decision to invest in the project was adopted following a meeting that took place in Nouakchott on 21 December 2018 between the government of Mauritania and the government of Senegal, in the presence of the Heads of state of both countries and the project partners. Based on Kosmos Energy and BP’s forecasts, the first gas production is expected in the first half of 2022.

With regard to liquefied natural gas, the output will be destined for export and domestic consumption in Mauritania and Senegal. According to BP, the GTA field’s reserves are estimated at 15 trillion cubic feet (roughly 424.75 billion cubic metres) of gas. Share the publication on “Grand Tortue Ahmeyim gas deposit: cooperation agreement with Senegal, adopted by Mauritanian MPs”

. Source - Energie Média